IRS Notices and Correspondence

The number one thing to remember is that the IRS will not ask for personal information via e-mail, nor will they contact you regarding refunds, bounced electronic payments or for any other reason via email. They do, however, send notifications and correspondence by US Mail. You should open these promptly and respond quickly as most have deadlines.

There are many reasons for IRS notices, such as:

  • payment of a tax bill
  • math errors
  • returned checks or bounced electronic debits (there is a penalty)
  • request for missing or incorrect information
  • a difference in what IRS records show and what you reported
  • notice of audit or examination and the documents or information you will need

Acknowledgement of these notices is important, especially when payment is owed. The IRS will assess penalties and interest will accrue on owed monies. Call or write the person listed on the notice, or visit the local IRS office before the deadline to let them know you recieved the notice and are addressing the problem.

If you have any questions regarding how to respond please forward the notice to our office as soon as you receive it. We will have you sign a power of attorney allowing us to discuss the matter on your behalf.

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